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Toy Blast Hck

Toy Blast is an ultimate experience of match-three puzzles made by Peak Games. The age-old gameplay in the theme of fascinating toys will hook you up for hours. Fundamentally the game is quite straightforward. Combining the cubes of the same colour, you will be able to blast them.

When two same cubes are adjacent to each other, you can tap on them and clear from the board. But there are different obstacles to fulfil as well.

In this post, we will provide you with some tips which will enable you to clear the levels at ease. Also, you will get the toy blast cheats to earn coins and lives as an added benefit.

All Toy Blast Cheats You Need to Know

You need to accomplish some targets, and for that, you will be given a specific number of moves. If you fail, you will lose one life. The game is as simple as that, but one catch. You cannot afford to lose more than five lives if you want to play uninterruptedly.

You will have a total of five lives or chances to clear any level and continue. But what if you cannot get through? There are toy blast cheats available for you which will be revealed in this post.

Always Try to Get Three Stars

When you play toy blast, you must aim at clearing the levels with minimum moves. The reason is to get more bonus points for those additional moves that are unused by you. That will result in stars. Passing each level, you can collect a maximum of three stars. All these stars are the best toy blast cheat to get more rewards in the game.

Do Not Open Star Chests Instantly

Star chests are the easy toy blast cheats to get rewarded without spending a dime in the game. All your Stars collected in each match are accumulated in the star chest. One star chest gets filled up when you collect twenty stars. After that, you can unlock it and receive the rewards.

However, there is some pro toy blast hack to use the star chest.

Every Star chest refills your life count. You will receive five lives from each of the star chests. But when your life bar is full, and still you use the Lives, all of them goes to waste.

Our toy blast cheat is not to open the chests unless you need lives.

Check Your Inbox Frequently

Unlike other match-three games, there is an inbox in Toy Blast. All your rewards are received in your Inbox. The best part is you can unlock the rewards according to your necessity.

All the lives received from the chests go to your Inbox, and you can use according to your convenience. Hence use the Inbox as a toy blast hack to store toy blast unlimited lives and use one life at a time when you are entirely out of it.

Boosters Are Best Toy Blast Hack to Cross Your Level

Toy Blast is all about Boosters. If you know the toy blast cheats to create Booster, your battles are won.

Accumulating a specific number of cubes you can create these Power Boosters. Also, there are some boosters that can be collected through rewards or purchasing through coins. The difference of Power boosters from standard Boosters is, Power boosters cannot be brought; they are produced through the game.

Grinding Has No Effect

You might think that you can collect stars through easy levels and fill it up again and again. There are no cheats for toy blast that work at all as you can manage the maximum three stars from each match once for all. But when you play the previous game and received one or two stars, then you can replay the game and if you can obtain one new star that goes to your star chest.

Use Combo Boosters To Create a Massive Effect

The combo boosters are a useful toy blast hack to play the game and earn three stars from each match. Always try to generate power boosters side by side. The reason is when you tap after that, both the Boosters combine and create colossal destruction. These combo effects are the best use of any power booster, and the following toy blast cheat codes will be useful:

  • 2 Rockets combo removes all from the horizontal row and the vertical column
  • Two TNT combo creates a considerable impact.
  • Two Dice clears all cubes from the board.
  • A combo of Rocket and TNT can clear three rows and three columns.
  • Dice and Rocket create many rockets, and they are automatically launched.
  • Dice and TNT combo creates many TNT on board, and they explode.

We have another toy blast hack that is effective to mention. If more than two boosters are created side by side, then all of them combine and create a combo. However, that is not effective in comparison to the combination of two boosters at a time. So always create combos in a way that two of them are close to each other. Use two at a time and take the maximum effect.

Additional Moves

Many times it will happen that you will require another one or two steps to accomplish the match targets. You can buy extra moves with twenty-five coins. But we do not suggest that unless you get stuck for days. The lives are easy to obtain, but coins are not so easy. So play another match rather than spending those 25 coins.

You might think that using toy blast mod apk files, and you can get toy blast free coins and lives. But they are the most vulnerable path to choose.

Play to Achieve Events

Events are excellent toy blast hack to earn goodies from the game. Primarily the treasure hunt will give you coins, and there is another grand event. Crown challenge is the event that lasts for a limited period, but they fill your need for boosters. When you accomplish the levels without losing a life, you will get free Boosters as you start the next match. However, events are scarce when you play the game with toy blast hack apk.

Accomplish Daily Challenges

Daily challenges are an excellent toy blast hack to get rewarded. Every day these objectives are changed, and you have to accomplish them within 24-hour. After you achieve them, there will be no delay, and you will receive coins and boosters immediately.

When you are using toy blast mod apk, these challenges will not work, and you will lose these rewards.

Connect With Facebook

When you connect your game account to your Facebook account, you keep your game data safe through Facebook. There are other benefits also, like receiving coins and toy blast unlimited lives. When you are connected with your friends, you will receive free lives. All these lives get accumulated in your Inbox. But those who use toy blast hack apk files will not be able to connect with Facebook and their game progress will not be saved.

How to Hack Toy Blast to Get More Free Coins?

Coins are the primary currency of Toy Blast. If you possess a sufficient number of coins, then you can perform a lot of tasks. Getting toy blast free coins is hard unless you make a lot of purchases from the game. But you can use our toy blast cheats to get a sufficient number of coins which will not hinder your progress. Use the following toy blast cheats to get these coins:

  • Connecting with Facebook will give you 25 coins.
  • Taking part in Star Tournaments and getting a place in the top three will give you huge coins.
  • Every Star chest will give you five coins as a reward.
  • Daily toy wheel has the option to get coins.
  • Taking part in the treasure hunt will provide you with coins.


Cheats for toy blast are easy to use, and all the above are legit toy blast hack. So when you play the game, use them and try to create more boosters for getting the desired three stars. Happy Blasting!